Fresh Food in Clacton-On-Sea

Restaurant & Seafood Stall

The Warwick Arms

Fresh Seafood in Clacton-on-Sea

Hello and welcome to the Warwick Arms Restaurant and Seafood Stall! We’re conveniently located just a short five-minute walk from the beachfront. You’ll feel so close to the sea you can almost taste the salty air in every delectable bite you take.


Our restaurant takes pride in its freshly prepared, home-cooked meals. Our menu changes with the seaside weather, keeping things interesting and ensuring each dish served is as fresh as it could possibly be.


Being seafood lovers at the Warwick Arms, we’re delighted to share our passion with you. Drop by our Seafood Stall and select from a wide range of fresh seafood options. It’s like having the ocean right there at your fingertips!


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To view our most recent menu, simply follow the link to our Facebook page.


We’re excited to welcome you to our Restaurant and Seafood Stall. Come savour a taste of the sea in a cosy, home-like atmosphere at the Warwick Arms.